Powers – Table of Contents

The ToC for Powers: A Superhero Anthology is as follows:

The Power to Believe – Jay Faulkner

Gods and/or Monsters – Cy Dethan

Crappy Birthday – Gary McKenzie
The Tripwire Trio – T. L. Barrett
The Last Day and Night Of Bill Stevens, Superhero – Jude-Marie Green
Dreaming of Nick Savage – Simon Forster
The Night Ghost Returns – Christopher McKittrick
Seven Years after Midnight (A novella) – John X. Grey
Family Secrets – Rob Rosen
Secret Origin of the Sack Man – Martin Zeigler
Dinner Guest – Frank Byrns
Space Scouts – David Perlmutter
Super Cleaners - Michelle Ruckoldt
Spandex – Alexander Bentley
Maxed – Bradley Descartes
Fanaticism – Gary Buettner
The Dragoon – Lane Kareska
The Stuntman – Matt Adams
The Last Laugh – Luke Johnson

Submissions closed!

As of last night (23:59 GMT 31st October 2010) submissions for ‘Powers’ officially closed.

Please don’t send any more submissions.

Acceptances / rejections and contracts will be sent out within the next week.

Thank you.


Static Movement presents:

Powers : A superhero anthology

Edited by Jay Faulkner

Seeking original, previously unpublished stories of superheroes. This can be pure comic-book style heroes, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, etc but the central theme / characters in the story MUST involve superheroes.

Fan-fiction is not suitable so no stories set in Gotham or Metropolis, thank you.

Submissions guidelines:

No gratuitous violence or erotica/porn, please. If swearing, violence or sex is a fundamental part of the story then that is fine and will be reviewd on its merits.

Word count between 2500 and 8000. If you have something longer then please query first (email: powers@imadethat.org).

Formats accepted: DOCX – Word 2007, DOC – Word 2003 or earlier, and RTF – Rich Text Format.

Submissions should be sent single spaced, indent paragraphs, no embedded text, no headers or footers.

Font should be Georgia size 12.

Please put your name, address and email at the top left of the first page.

Please put the title, byline (how you want your name to appear if accepted for publication) and word count at the top right of the first page.

Please include a bio of up to 150 words AFTER your story.

Simultaneous submissions are okay but please let us know – as soon as it happens – if your work has been accepted elsewhere.

Reprints are not accepted (pieces published on your personal blogs/journal do not count as ‘published’ but, if accepted for inclusion in the anthology will have to be removed from your site immediately).

No multiple submissions and please wait for a response from us before you submit again.

This is a ‘for exposure’ only anthology and, as such, there will be no payment made to contributors.

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Seeking original, previously unpublished stories of superheroes.